playa del carmen bike rentals

For Reservation Deposits Please Pay $20. USD per Bike

Example: 1 bike =$20. USD, 2 bikes=$40. USD, 3 bikes=$60. USD, etc.

This will hold your bikes for specified date and delivery time. You pay Balance On Delivery.

1-3 days $14. USD a day

4-7 days $45.USD, 8-14 days add $5. USD per day

Pay Us Now

  • Pay Full Amount or a deposit for your rental or accessories.

Why We’re Better

  • Mechanical Service

  • Fast Free Delivery

  • We Have Kids Bikes

  • Ulock Included

  • Since 2012

  • Quality Beach Cruisers

  • Well Maintained Bikes

  • Baskets and Bells Included


Of Satisfied Customers